Kids Dentistry

It’s Never Too Early to Begin a Dental Hygiene Routine

Did you know that your baby should visit the dentist at least once before reaching age one? By starting early, you’re ensuring that your children’s oral health is monitored and cared for on a regular basis. This allows us to monitor healthy growth and catch potential problems before they can get worse. Going to the dentist shouldn’t be scary. We use a gentle, professional manner when dealing with your children, so they know that they’re always safe in our office, whether they’re getting a cleaning, a filling, or braces.

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    Dental Hygiene and Routine Care

    Take a look below to see how to care for your kids’ teeth at different stages in their lives.


    Infants experience many growing pains as their teeth develop and grow.

    Teeth could begin forming as early as four months, which may lead to swollen gums and increased drooling. When you begin caring for your infant’s oral health, we’ll show you how to properly clean and brush their teeth, get access to fluoride, and watch for cavities.


    According to a study by the National Center for Health Statistics, as many as 20% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 have one or more untreated decayed tooth. This can be caused by lacking a source of fluoride (either toothpaste or in your local water) or poor, unmanaged dental hygiene techniques. By getting routine care through Smile Please, you’ll catch potential problems early, before they grow into something worse.


    Before your kids leave the nest, it’s important to ensure that they understand the importance of maintaining a dental hygiene routine. We’ll help educate them on how to prevent dental erosion and decay. We can also fit them for braces and take care of wisdom teeth removal as needed. By providing your children with education on how to easily maintain their teeth, you ensure that their smile and health will be intact even when you’re not around.

    Start Early and Invest in Their Future!

    How kids treat their teeth can end up impacting them for life, resulting in unpleasant dental visits throughout adulthood and thousands of dollars in surgery bills. By taking your kids to routine dentist visits, you establish a habit that will not only stick with them for life but will make their lives easier down the road. Our local dentists understand how to talk to children, and we’ll help you educate them on maintaining their smiles even after they leave home.