Comprehensive and Family Dentistry for Leesburg, VA

At Smile Please, we employ the best dentists and hygienists in Leesburg! This is our hometown, so we care deeply for every patient we treat. When we opened our doors, we knew we wanted to provide comprehensive and family dentistry services to our fellow Virginians, but we also wanted to ensure that we were providing the kind of quality service they deserved. That’s why we emphasize excellent service, quality care, and patient convenience.

Our amazing staff knows how important it is to understand your treatment plan and diagnoses and get your questions answered by your dentist. We also know that most people would rather give their dentist a call than do an Internet search of their symptoms. Are you ready to get a dentist who cares about your health and your time?

Excellent Service

We never want our patients to view a dental visit as nerve-wracking or stressful. That’s why we provide excellent service that keeps you smiling from the time you book your appointment, until the time you leave our office. Because we’ve studied family dentistry extensively, we’re experts at easing kids’ tears and adults’ nerves. We use compassion and patience to ensure everyone feels great from one step to the next. We will also communicate with you. We will remind you about your appointments, help you book your cleanings, and answer any questions you have.

Quality Care

We offer a comprehensive list of dental services for one reason: we’re good at what we do. Our team knows teeth, and we take comprehensive dentistry seriously. Your teeth are important to every aspect of your health in ways you may not even know, including causing nutrition deficiencies, contributing to cardiovascular disease, and increasing risk of preterm delivery in pregnant women. That’s why it’s not only important to treat issues when they start but prevent them in the first place. Our team is skilled in providing pediatric dental services, orthodontic services, and cosmetic dentistry in addition to our general dentistry practice. You care about having quality health, so we provide quality care.

Patient Convenience

As much as we love our patients, we don’t want to see you any more than necessary, and we know you feel the same way. By communicating with our patients about the purposes of different services and our intentions, we ensure that you’re making informed decisions about your dental health and only getting the services and surgeries you want. We also are flexible with scheduling and payment plans, so there is no need to stress about your appointment. If you leave the office and remember you had a question, we’re happy to answer you by phone or email.